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I’ve been thinking about the documentation we create when running a technical project quite a bit lately (yes, I know, it’s a wonderful life I lead…) and when talking to a former colleague of mine during a long conversation about documentation (oops, that doesn’t give a very good impression of him either… sorry Alessandro D'Este 😆) we realized that most people actually do a lot more documentation than they need to.

Sounds strange as most sensible people steer clear of writing documentation at all costs (Alessandro and I are obviously not sensible!), but I think it’s true — especially in…

You can imagine the scene. I’m at the end of my latest technical transformation and I’m looking back to my original goals. Why did I not get the return I planned for from my microservices implementation? Or my digital transformation? Or my new shiny event driven architecture? I spent all this money and more importantly all this time… but I can’t see the value, or not enough of it anyway...

How are you, Mr Washing Machine?

Let’s rewind a bit to before the kick-off of the technical transformation programme and look at the situation. …

Its hard to make a decision you’re not aware of!

A railroad junction diverging in two ways
A railroad junction diverging in two ways
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When is the last time you made a bad decision when designing a system or a component? Do you remember it? Chances are, you’re wrong and the one you’re thinking of wasn’t your last one (unless it was yesterday or this morning or something 😬).

It’s likely that your last bad decision was one you weren’t conscious of making at the time — or at least was one that you didn’t consider to even be a decision.

In my last article, I gave my view on a number of the…

…and the continuing need for architectural change

Enterprise Architecture, along with the role of the Architect, is dead…

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As is Design apparently… maybe. Of course, it’s well documented that Blockchain is dead(and many times over in the case of Bitcoin). DevOps might be too (although we’re not sure), Artificial Intelligence as well. Quantum Computing may be both dead and alive, but we won’t know till we check! 😉

It seems we have a certain preoccupation with predicting the impending demise of almost everything around us. We do this when we feel something is maybe too popular, no longer trendy or fashionable or perhaps has just been around for a while. Maybe this is just human nature being what…

Steven O'Kennedy

Technical architect & technology leader at Accenture’s global innovation centre, The Dock. Love designing solutions for complex problems

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